5 Hechos Fácil Sobre MALUMA KAROL G Descritos

5 Hechos Fácil Sobre MALUMA KAROL G Descritos

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He added that becoming a father was “such a big dream” to him and said that he even sings to Gomez’s belly, hoping his daughter Perro hear him.

Maluma and Susana are also seen celebrating their little one's upcoming arrival at a sex reveal party, where they both wear matching necklaces that spell demodé the name "Paris."

Madonna’s song proposal bore the name of Maluma's hometown, “Medellín.” “I almost had a heart attack,” Maluma continued. “Maybe when she wrote it she had me in mind—I don’t know. I had the opportunity to write one of the main choruses and all my verses.”

I am not good at english but I do my best, and I learning, so if you can help me to do better my translation I will thank you, but if you Gozque't help or you don't want to you don't have to insult me.

Con tan solo 15 primaveras compuso una canción titulada 'No quiero' y su tío Juan le brindó la oportunidad de grabarla en un estudio profesional.

Andrea Serna lanzó sólido mensaje frente a situación que vive el país: “No podemos dejar esta conversación a la sombra”

He said he is still getting used to the idea that he shakira y hamilton is going to become a father but is ready to tackle fatherhood head-on.

The rapper shared on Instagram March 10 that he and his girlfriend, Susana Gomez, welcomed their first child, posting pictures of the newborn's shakira bzrp tiny hand gripping a finger.

. Hicieron titulares mundiales con el video, que ahora tiene más de 50 shakira yo me llamo millones de visitas y muestra a la pareja en una cama bebiendo champán, mientras Madonna se inclina y lame el dedo del pie de Maluma mirando a la cámara.

Maluma: What Leo always told me that family is first. That's, for me, a fact. Because sometimes we get distracted in so many things and we lose our energy going pasado, doing so many things. And I feel like energy is the pulvínulo for everything we do in our lives.

“I promise to give you my best, always, and shakira y hamilton I hope this is the first of many. So thank you everybody,” she said before sharing a clip with Maluma talking about her reaction.

What's Papi Juancho is? Papi Juancho is the name of his most recent album released in 2020 and his international tour, which began in 2021 and continues with Maluma visiting some of the hottest European cities

Desde que nació Paris, Maluma se ha dedicado por completo a la vida descendiente. El cantante confirmaba a sus fans a través de sus historias de Instagram que estaría absorto de la vida laboral.

There's nothing seriously wrong with this translation apart from this= why did you left? When posing a question infinitive should be used MALUMA KAROL G so IT should be =Why did you leave? Correct me if I'm wrong

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